Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Care Coordination services offered in Calabasas, CA

When you need to see multiple medical specialists, you need a primary care team who can properly manage all of your health needs. Calabasas Medicine Group in Calabasas, California, is a concierge medical practice where Sagi Cohen, MD, Nathan Alyesh, MD, and the team coordinate personalized care. The team works with you and your family, making referrals and managing the overall aspects of your health and wellness. For personalized care coordination, call today or use the online booking button to make an appointment. Telemedicine appointments are available.

Care Coordination Q&A

What does care coordination mean?

Care coordination ensures you get all the medical services you need to take care of your health. It includes referrals to specialists, sharing health information, and overseeing your total health to ensure the care you receive is safe and effective.

Calabasas Medicine Group is a concierge medical practice with a patient-centered approach to care. They spend time talking to you and your family so they fully understand your needs and can provide the additional services necessary to manage any acute or chronic health issue you have. 

At Calabasas Medicine Group, you come first. 

I need to see a cardiologist. How does care coordination work?

Making referrals to specialists such as cardiologists or gastroenterologists is one of the services you get with care coordination at Calabasas Medicine Group. 

The skilled internal medicine physicians manage your overall health and can provide most of the medical services you need. But if you need intense management of a heart condition or a screening for colon cancer, they refer you to a specialist to provide additional services. 

When making referrals, your physician at Calabasas Medicine Group completes any required paperwork, electronically transmits your medical records, and schedules follow-up visits to review findings from the specialist and ensure continuity of care.

Care coordination also includes specialty services you may need to manage your health at home, such as a home health aide or transportation to physical therapy.

Calabasas Medicine Group specializes in geriatric care, managing the health needs of older adults and working closely with their families. This includes coordinating with area hospitals when patients need acute medical care. 

What are the benefits of care coordination?

Care coordination at Calabasas Medicine Group offers many benefits. As a concierge practice, the physicians see fewer patients and have more time to manage their health.

With care coordination, the team manages all of your health needs. They’re invested in your health and ensure you get the services necessary to improve your well-being and keep you safe.

Care coordination at Calabasas Medicine Group means better health outcomes for you. Call or schedule an appointment online today.