Same-Day Visits

Same-Day Visits

Same-Day Visits services offered in Calabasas, CA

At Calabasas Medicine Group in Calabasas, California, Sagi Cohen, MD, Nathan Alyesh, MD, and the team put patient care above all else. They offer same-day visits so patients get the immediate medical attention they need. The concierge medicine practice ensures every patient has ample time with their physician, even for appointments scheduled on the same day. Call the office now or schedule your same-day visit using the online booking button. Telemedicine appointments are available.

Same-Day Visits Q&A

What are same-day visits?

Same-day visits are appointments with your physician on the day you call. Many physicians pack their schedules, making it hard to get an appointment when you’re unexpectedly sick or injured. 

Calabasas Medicine Group is a concierge medicine practice, allowing physicians to limit the size of their practice so they can provide the type of medical services every patient needs. When you need to see your doctor immediately, Calabasas Medicine Group has room for same-day visits. 

If they can’t see you that day at the office, they may schedule a telemedicine appointment and have you come in the next day. 

When should I schedule same-day visits?

You should schedule a same-day visit at Calabasas Medicine Group if you have an illness or injury that needs immediate medical care. The internal medicine practice treats minor injuries and illnesses, including:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Minor burns
  • Sprains and strains
  • Rash
  • Cold and flu
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath

The practice also provides chronic disease management, and you may benefit from a same-day visit if you’re having difficulty managing your long-term illness. 

You may also consider same-day visits if you have a medical question or need a referral to a specialist. 

What can I expect during same-day visits?

You can expect patient-centered care during same-day visits at Calabasas Medicine Group. Your physician schedules ample time for your appointment so you don’t feel rushed.

They ask about your health concerns and review your medical history. They may perform a physical exam or request health data if you’re meeting through telemedicine. 

For in-office visits, your physician may request functional lab testing or do ultrasound testing to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. 

After the exam, your physician discusses your health and makes recommendations.

What happens after same-day visits?

Your physician may schedule a follow-up appointment after your same-day visit to monitor an illness or injury, check in on a medication change, or provide health education. You may follow up in person or through telemedicine.

You can also email or text your physician to ask questions or share your health status. 

Same-day visits at Calabasas Medicine Group ensure you get immediate care from the physician who knows you best. Call Calabasas Medicine Group or schedule an appointment online today.