Physical Exam

Physical Exam

Physical Exam services offered in Calabasas, CA

A physical exam is an important starting point to monitor and improve your whole-body health. At Calabasas Medicine Group, Sagi Cohen, MD, and Nathan Alyesh, MD, perform physical exams for adults as part of their unique concierge medicine approach. Joining the concierge medicine program gives you unhurried 60-minute physical exams, with plenty of time to explore your health and needs. Call the Calabasas, California, office or book your physical using online scheduling today.

Physical Exam Q&A

What does a physical exam include? 

At Calabasas Medicine Group, physical exams emphasize preventive medicine: diagnosing and treating problems early so you can be healthy and live the longest life possible. 

Physical exams include:

  • Medical history
  • Lifestyle discussion
  • Discussion of your health issues and concerns
  • Vital signs check (temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate)
  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat check
  • Abdomen check
  • Reflex check 
  • Stethoscope evaluation of your heart, lungs, and intestines
  • Lab tests (blood, urine, stool, and saliva)
  • Imaging tests (echocardiogram, carotid ultrasound, aortic ultrasound)
  • Medication review
  • Prescription refills

Physical exams vary with your age, sex, and stage in life. You might need other types of tests during or after your physical exam. For example, men need prostate exams at around age 45-50, and women need mammograms at about age 40.  

And the team usually sends both men and women to a trusted gastroenterologist for colon cancer screening starting at 45-50. 

How often do adults need a physical exam?

Calabasas Medicine Group recommends yearly physical exams for adults. They might recommend more frequent physicals if you have special health needs like a chronic disease and are at risk for others. 

What should I do if I feel rushed during physical exams? 

If you feel rushed during physical exams, you haven’t found the right healthcare physician yet. Calabasas Medicine Group uses a concierge medicine model to avoid rushed visits and give their patients the best in personalized, unhurried, attentive care. 

Charging a membership fee allows the team to keep their patient roster smaller and schedule longer appointments. Physicals last 60 minutes versus the typical half-hour visits at other health care physicians. Even follow-ups at Calabasas Medicine Group are longer than average, lasting 45 minutes. Exams are still billed to your insurance. 

Longer visits mean your physicians know you as an individual and understand your unique needs. All this comes together to give you a personalized feel that you might not get with other physicians.

The concierge program also gives you the phone number and email address of your healthcare team, so you have direct access to customized medical care when you have issues or need help. If you need an appointment, the concierge program gives you priority access, which usually means same-day visits with little-to-no waiting time.

Physical exams are easy at Calabasas Medicine Group. Call the office or click online booking to make your appointment today.